A new family tradition has developed and for the past 2 Thanksgiving’s we’ve driven East and celebrated our holiday beach-style. That is, no formal dinner or plans with as much relaxation as we can muster.

The Floatilla (boat parade) in Swansboro was cute. A parade of boats decked out in holiday lights! Despite the chilly night all the kids enjoyed the show.


Ella found a fish skeleton. The skull was found a few yards away from the body. She was disappointed that we didn’t take it home…. Her mood improved when she found a bird feather to keep.

Standing in a million shells.

Small flounder we found washed ashore, and missing an eye.

Our three turkeys!

Flotilla parade!

K9 footrest.

Mario Karting.

Clara has a new favorite game, known as color all the things! Especially her hands, feet, face and clothing!