Huckle turned 6 years old today. He's a hulking 15 pounds and very tall boy. Sometimes his coloring reminds me of an Orca. He is a lovely fella who tolerates lots of "love" from his sisters. He's never been much of a lap cat which is probably a blessing considering his above average physique. Mama Cat (his mommy) is still living and well with my parents.

Last fall we rescued little Beau (short for Beauregard, a variety of sweet potato). This is his first birthday. He's half the size of his brother, weighing in at about 7.5 pounds fully grown. He loves to purr and is quite playful. He's keeping Huckle young. They enjoy wrestling matches as much as snuggling.

The vet guessed Beau was born in the first half of August. The easiest solution was for him and Huckle to share the same birthday. Now here we are, singing Happy Birthday and baking cat cup cakes!