Ella had her 4 year old wellness check yesterday. tl:dr she's healthy.

They checked her vision, hearing and blood pressure. All of those were within the normal averages for her age.

She's 40 inches tall and this is BIG news. Officially, she can now ride Dinosaur, Test Track, Soarin, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder, and Tower of Terror. All the rides she's had to sit out on during our annual Disney trips. December can't come soon enough for her and that adventurous spirit she is carrying through life.

For weeks we have talking about her checkup and what would happen at the appointment. These talks included the fact that she would need to get 4 shots. These big girl shots keep her, her friends at school and her family healthy.

Even though Ella is tough as nails I was prepared for her to wig out a little bit when it came time for the shots. There was no such nonsense. Rather, she asked if I'd hug her, of course I would. She listened to the nurses instructions and we sang while the shots were administered. The Rainbow Dash bandaids will probably stay on for a week. She earned those.

At the prize box she chose a rubber bouncy ball.

I took her picture right after the shots. She's showing off her super hero muscles!