Clara has started to sing her ABC’s. It’s adorable on every level and melts my heart. Her favorite phrase is “Q,R,S” which she sang all weekend while she tottled around looking for mischief. 

She’s also been heard singing “up so high” from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 

Her go to phrase this past week has been,”I’m stuck!” She yells it with different intensities depending on the situation. 

Example: it’s 2 am, everyone is asleep when you wake up to a scratchy voice over the monitor, “I’m stuck. Stuck. Stuck. Stuck, Momma. STUUUUUCK!” I expected to find her with an extremity wedged between the crib rails. Luckily, she was just taking off her diaper and couldn’t get the second leg through. 

Example 2: Nap time today Clara is yelling “Stuck” again from her crib. This time her thigh was actually stuck between the rails. 

Other scenarios: she has climbed up on top of something and can’t or won’t get down, i.e. The kitchen table or a bar stool. If you’re holding her against her will. If she’s strapped in to her car seat or stroller. 

Also, a big fan of Play Doh!