Finishing up my posts from last weeks beach trip..

You’ll need to catch the Island Express Ferry out to Shackleford Banks unless you have your own boat to get you there. 

We checked the tide schedule knowing we wanted to be there during low tide. This makes it easier to find the big sea shells on the ocean floor. 

Kayleigh and Anna spent hours with their snorkel masks on diving for shells. It paid off and they each hauled in an impressive number. Kris, Bob, and I also dove for shells. 

The majority are well shells.

We stayed fairly close to shore in less than 5 feet of water. Diving under the waves and snatching the shells as they rolled by. Some where caught in the ditches of the ocean floor. I had a ton of fun being tossed in the waves. 

Ella and Clara also dove for shells, they just stayed in the tidal pools. It was perfect! 

There are also wild horses on Shackleford which are related to the Spanish horses brought here in the 1500s. We could see the horses from the beach. 

Next time we venture out I’ll plan to make a full day of it and bring a beach umbrella and snacks for the kids. After three hours of ocean swimming they were famished and ready to return to Beaufort!