Day 1:

Storms were looming and the wind had picked up. We kept close to shore since the tide was fiercely rolling in.

 It took Clara a while to warm up, she really didn’t care for the wind. Eventually she took to the water, splashing about and digging in to the mucky sand.

Ella did some impressive body surfing in the surf with her puddle jumper vest. She wasn’t bothered as the ocean tossed her around and under the surf. 
Kayleigh tried to fly a kite with Anna. They had questionable success, but fun non the less. They bounced in the waves and caught tiny minnows with their nets. Kayleigh wants to check out the tie dye shop down the street. I can’t say no, I love tie dye. 

It was time to reapply sunscreen and the wind was making that a tough task so we walked back to the beach house, showered, and had some yummy diner food for lunch. Kayleigh and Anna walked around Pokémon-ing while the little ones rested. 

After some rest we drove the short distance to Pine Knoll Shores and spent an hour going through the aquarium and outdoor play ground.