Clara had her 18 month check up today. These visits always remind me of how fortunate I am to have three healthy children! Even if these two had a small wrestling match in the waiting room. 

She’s growing like crazy! I’ll need to go back and compare notes, but I’m quite certain she’s the largest of our three girls. At today’s visit she was 34 inches tall and 27 pounds with an equally large noggin! Less than 5% of girls her age would measure larger than her. 

Last week she out grew ALL of her shoes! On to the next round of hand-me-downs, size 7. I think she will catch up to Ella by this time next year. These purple high top Chucks are the shoes Ella was wearing when Clara was born. 

Her hair is finally thick enough to cover her scalp, it is straight on the sides with one little curl at the back of her neck. 

I feel like she just skipped over toddlerstatus and on the fast track to full blown kid. Maybe that’s the normal course when you’re keeping up with two older siblings. 

Fun things she has learned:

  • Screaming “NO!”
  • Biting
  • Hitting
  • Laughs when being naughty 
  • Can point to her nose, eyes, teeth, mouth, belly and ears. 
  • Loves to make animal sounds for kitties, duck, cow, dog, sheep, horse, bird, and bear! ROARR
  • Tries to do “pip” which is “flip”, aka somersaults
  • Kisses every dog she sees 
  • Sings “Go” when listening to Frozen
  • Saying new words every day

Food is all good in her eyes. We are lucky that she’s not picky and will eat anything you set in front of her, at any time of the day. It’s common that she out eats her almost 4 year old sister. Right now her favorite snack is popcicles. When the mood strikes she hangs from the freezer door yelling “popskill” until someone gives her one. Thankfully she doesn’t have a fav color/flavor yet. 

Other loves: 

  • Playing outside 
  • Roaming the woods 
  • Playing on swings and slides 
  • Any climbing obstacle or stairs 
  • Swimming at the pool 
  • Running away from her parents 
  • Brushing her hair and teeth 
  • Sleeping in our bed (work in progress)
  • Her sisters, of course 
  • Moana and Finding Dory 
  • Preschool 
  • FaceTime with her family