I’m the only one awake at 6:45 this morning and thought I’d write about our first day at camp and the journey to get here. 

Close your eyes and imagine a large, high walled, 8 person tent. There are 2 adults and 3 kids. One of those kids has migrated herself diagonally to take up half of the tent individually! 

That leaves Kris and I sandwiched between the other two and squished like sardines. 

The Littlest and I share a sleeping bag and she noctunally plots against me to gain control of my glorious sleeping pad. In the end I did share with her. She wins!

Back to getting here…

On Wednesday evening we packed up our camping supplies in prep for the 4 hour drive to Asheville, NC. There are numerous camping options here but ultimately we decided to stick with an old favorite. 

We stopped for lunch in Hickory, which is 1.5 hours shy of Asheville. There were some roads closed downtown and after circling around we found a public lot and made our way to lunch. 

The kids killed those YooHoos, btw. 

There’s a great park near the public lot and everyone ran out their wiggles before strapping back in to the car for the rest of the drive. 

This is the CLEANEST campground we have found and is run by volunteers. The bathrooms are always near by and they are CLEAN. The showers are HOT and CLEAN. 

Where is this unicorn of a camping experience? Lake Powhatan in the Pisgah National Forest. 

My only issue is that you need to make online reservations 4 days in advance. We failed to hit the deadline and had to roll the dice with a walk up site. It’s a nice site, but we may need to move to another for the rest of the weekend. 

Kris started a fire that we tried to relax and enjoy. The kids snacked and played until it was bedtime. 

I think we will spend our day at camp, go see the lake and do some fishing. 

Ella refuses to wear shoes in the woods or anywhere. I make her put them on around the fire. A shining example of a child feeling at home in her surroundings.