After touring Castelo de Sao Jorge we decided to start back towards the apartment. We had already been flirting with the rain and incoming weather.

As we reached Costa Do Castelo the skies let loose and we were caught in a downpour. Quickly we huddled under the doorways along this tiny one way ally laughing at our situation and knowing we still had a long hike ahead. The rain was relentless and despite umbrellas and rain coats we were being soaked. 

That’s when we saw the door across the street from us open, there sat a Siamese cat with piercing blue eyes and behind the cat was this tiny elderly woman motioning us to come inside through the orange curtain that hung floor to ceiling behind the large green doors. 

Quickly, we darted across the ally and filled her entire front room. She was insistent that we dry off as she handed out towels and spoke to us in Spanish. I dried my face and hair, she inspected my work and then dried my legs for me. 

I’m sad that we didn’t catch her name, but I want to write about the details I clearly remember. She told us that she prays at St. Lucia around the corner, and how beautiful it is. She asked if we had seen it, in fact we did. 

I am about 67 inches tall and she just met my shoulder in height. 

She wore 3 different Catholic Saints around her neck. One of those was Our Lady of Fatima, the Patron Saint of Portugal. Above  her TV set she had pictures of other Saints and flower vases next to each. Across from the TV were portraits, I assume of her family. There were no windows in her tiny apartment that was possibly eight feet wide – think tiny living. 

When the rain throttled down to a light trickle we were off on our way again to navigate the wet cobbled streets. Not before she hugged and kissed us goodbye, bidding us well wishes and allowing us to take a photo.