Yesterday my team hiked to Castelo de Sao Jorge. It’s a 9th century moorish castle, on top of a hill that overlooks the city. 

Hiking is a more accurate term than walking. Everything is uphill, and then 400 stairs, and then more hills. Yesterday we averaged 65 flights of stairs between the six of us. That is a lot of elevation right? 

We were able to spend more time together and build our relationships through these hikes. It was a beautiful trip in many ways. 

Today we are all venturing back home and we won’t see one another IRL until September. I’m already looking forward to another trip to Whistler, Canada! 

I took a thousand pics at the castle. It was breathtaking. I enjoyed my last Pastal de Nata of the trip at the cafe. 

Here are a few pics. 

We spent several hours exploring the castle but what happened when we left is truely a great story and a special memory for us all.  I will post about that later on today. Stay tuned.