Our team journeyed to the Praia Da Mata beach. After an intense walk through the city – which included scaling Calcada de Gloria, a 400 meter uphill climb. This street is so steep they run trolleys up and down for pedestrians. Everyone walks everywhere in Lisbon and so have we. There is some amazing street art along Calcada de Gloria, perhaps to distract you from your aching legs? 

Here are some more photos of the city. The walk was long but we were able to see a new section of Lisbon. 

A great big orange ferry took us across to Cacilhas. I’m not sure if this is still part of Lisbon or a different city all together. Miguel picked us up in a big white cargo van and drove us twenty minutes to Praia Da Mata. We explored and relaxed, enjoying the empty beach. 

Before taking the ferry back across Rio Tejo we stopped for lunch just outside the ferry station. This man was grilling fish and it was delicious. 

I stopped for a cup of tea in the park on my way back through the city. 

Then it was back to work. Our legs were too tired to journey to the office and we settled for the kitchen of our apartment. 

The view is great from the large sliding windows. 2 of the 3 “roof cats” were hanging out below. 

Dinner was at Leao D’ Ouro. Which is absolutely stunning inside with custom painted tiles everywhere. 

After dinner I stopped for another Pastel Da Nata. 

Now it’s time to get to work and see where today’s adventures will lead.