It’s late and I’m tired so this will be short and sweet. Although I keep taking tons of photos. Lisbon is so pretty – I adore this city. 

It was another work day. I had a traditional Portuguese custard tart (there’s a proper name that I don’t want to butcher) with my fruit for breakfast. 

The Mercados are the size of a walk in closet or a small single car garage stall – and are packed with local food, cigarettes, and fresh produce. Some have beer or meat counters in the back. The one across from our co working office has been a nice stop for fruit in the mornings. The owner had his little one working the register with him today. 

We pass through a park on the way to our office. Today there were roosters strutting around. 

I had a delicious Indian lunch today. It’s in the ally behind the co working building. There are actually 3 or 4 Indian restraints right there together. The restaurants are all tiny-it’s incredible really. 

I also passed a fabric store? Or table clothes maybe? I didn’t go in to see but this pic is for my grandma (love you). PS – there is not a JoAnn Fabric Store here. 

Of course I saw many beautiful buildings and tiling displays. 

After we finished up our work for the day we walked to our cooking class. There we put together a 4 course Portuguese dinner. Cooking Lisboning Lisbon was a great host! 

Dinners run quite late here so it’s always dark by the time we finish. On our way back to the apartment I spotted some street art. The lighting was low but I managed to capture some art. 

This trip will be over before I know it! The days are flying by. We’re headed to the beach in the morning before starting work.