As expected after overnight traveling I slept as hard as a rock my first night in Lisbon which equates to me being adjusted to the local time. I did have to close my terrace doors to block out some of the noise from our street. 

Most of the restaurants have just an inside kitchen area, maybe a few tables, and then seats out on the cobbled streets with overhead awnings. Outdoor meals seem to be a big part of the food culture in Lisbon. We walked by dozens of places like this last night on our way home and again today.

First thing this morning we ventured to our co working building which is about 12 minute walk. Uphill both ways. That’s not an exaggeration. We’re working from the third floor. 

In addition to hills there are lots of steps! The view is worth it. 

The plan was to grab some breakfast from the cafe on the ground floor, but they weren’t open yet. I forgot it was Sunday. We headed back across the street to the fruit stand “Mercado” and I grabbed some European Oreos and fruit for breakfast. 

This is a work trip afterall – and we put a full day in at our co working space. It’s nestled in the back of a cute plaza. This is another building across the plaza – hand painted tiles creating the murals. 

Here’s a little shot of the plaza. The wrought iron hearts are cute, right? 

Lisbon is breathtaking. More beautiful than my words-so take a look! 

Green is my favorite color! 

There are two other Automattic teams in Lisbon which we met for dinner. It’s great to connect IRL. En route to dinner I spotted these jazzy wall paintings. 

There was also this tiled mosaic and graffiti stair case along the way. The road dead ends into this staircase and you have to take the stairs to keep going. 

Peaking back over my shoulder I captured some sunny rooftops. 

I’ll always remember the hills. The pictures just don’t capture them. 

Today flew by and I suspect the rest of the trip will too.  I’m going to try and explore a bit before we start work tomorrow so I am off to bed now.