My flight touched down in Lisbon at 11:20 this morning. Since I was seated over the wing I couldn’t catch a solid glimpse of the city as we descended towards the runway. All I could make out were bits of orange roof tops. The trip from JFK was smooth and I managed to sleep about 4 hours. I will say that TAP is the cleanest airline I’ve ever flown. 

Two of my coworkers arrived ahead of me and we shared a taxi to our apartment. The driver didn’t speak or understand much English and flipped through what appeared to be a phone book looking for our address. There was a neglected GPS on the dashboard-clearly he’s just an old school driver. We pulled it up on Google Maps to get started in the right direction. 

Since it wasn’t quite time to check in we dropped our bags and headed to the co working space. This is the view from our room. The peacock mural is made of tiles. 

There’s a cafe connected to the co working building and the front sidewalk is full of tables. It’s not leaning in real life. Just a poor photo on my end. 

Lisbon is famous for their intricate tilework. I found a few examples. 

Every sidewalk and street traveled today is a cobbled mosaic. Here’s the street below my terrace. 

More terrace views: 

There’s also a rooftop deck boasting great views!

I’m looking forward to finding more street art in the coming days. 

After a few hours in the city I can truly say everything is up hill in both directions! 

Our dinner table overlooking Praca D. Pedro. 

I ordered the octopus. Yes, those are Lego bread baskets. 

It’s been a busy first day and I’m ready for bed. More tomorrow!