Yesterday we started towards home. It was decided we would get 4 or 5 hours of the trip done and stop for the night before moving on to spend a few hours in Savannah. Our plan worked well except the hotel was a wreck and we got a late start in the morning due to the time change. Spring ahead! 

By 11am we were parked and walking through Forsyth Park, our first stop. 

Savannah is a beautiful city with amazing architecture and landscaping. Historic mansions line the streets around the city parks. This is our second time visiting. We only had a few hours so we got right to work on our mini tour. 

Coffee and Forsyth Park:

It was freezing cold and windy today as a front moved through the south east. Lunch was our next stop.

We squeezed around a tiny table and enjoyed our meal. It was delish. Clara was quite fond of the scrambled egg portion of my Na Na noodles.

This tea shop had an extensive variety and we brought a few home to try. 

After lunch we headed to the river walk. It was even colder and windier and we didn’t stay long. Just long enough to get a box of pecan pralines!

Before loading back in the car for the remainder of our drive we decided to check out one more coffee shop and warm up. 

It was at Blends A Coffee Boutique that Ella made her professional comedic debut. 

Savannah was beautiful despite the weather and I’m looking forward to visiting again. 

For now though it feels great to be home!