After coffee and breakfast we headed out to explore the boardwalk along the Peace River. Really, it’s through the river’s flood plain with a few lookouts over the river. 

Water moves so slowly that you aren’t able to hear the current. 

The boardwalk is covered by treetops, vines and moss. It was really fun to look at the different types of plants growing wild. Notably were the giant cypress trunks and roots. The forest floor was a thick and dark mud. 

During the walk Ella informed us her fur is growing long. Upon further investigation we discovered that she was talking about her arm hair.

Lantana grows wild in Florida. I love how each flower is made up of several smaller flowers in different colors. 

It was a nice little walk to start the day with and afterwards we headed to the grocery store to pick up some goodies for our picnic lunch. 

We had nice views from our picnic spot and kept an eye out on the gators swimming around. 

Several squirrels perched on a nearby tree and birds patiently wait for us to clean up and leave so they could scrounge for crumbs. There were plenty. 

Clara was especially fond of the blueberry pie! 

With our bellies full we headed back to my Garndprents for a dip in the pool and some golf carting around their neighborhood and golf course. Kayleigh and Ella love to watch all the birds and spy on sleeping gators. 

Tomorrow we are starting our day at The Circle B Bar Reserve. On past excursions  we have seen armadillos, eagles, and of course some big gators!