Magic Kingdom 

This is Clara’s second Disney trip, Ella’s third and Kayleigh’s sixth (maybe 7th.. I’m loosing track) time! We are becoming veteran Disney vacationers. Practice makes perfect 😉 

The best way to start a great day is to get to the park early. I’m talking before it actually opens. You’ll be able to walk on rides for the first 1-2 hours. Hustle! It will be worth it. 

We had a magical day. Disney always delivers. Despite no naps we were able to close the park out. The girls are such troopers! 

I’m already looking forward to December when we will be back for our long trip. 

Teacups! We split up for this because I don’t generally like to spin out of control, but the rest of my tribe does. It won’t be long until Clara takes their side I’m sure. 

Ella rode Dumbo 5 times! I wish I had some pictures from our night rides but my hands were too full with sleeping Clara. The fountains are really pretty at night and you can see the entire park lit up. 

With out any grandparents to help us wrangle the girls we didn’t get too many pics, but the memories are still there. 

Our family castle pic. 2 of 3 looking at camera and a threenager glare from hell. I’ll take it. 

We watched 2 shows and the 3pm parade, plus evening fireworks.This is one of only two times we needed to split up. I scouted a spot for the parade while Kris and the older two snuck in a ride. 

Our ice cream break was well timed as the afternoon heated up. I promise Clara had more than her shoe to snack on! She killed a frozen banana.

Wishes (the night time fireworks show) is being replaced in May. We wanted to be sure we had a nice spot to watch it from since it would be our last time seeing the show. 

With Disney behind us we are on the road to visit with my grandparents a few days. More adventures still to come!