We planned to drive down to visit my grandparents for a few days and sorta last minute decided to stop at Disney and surprise the girls. 

The surprise was wonderful and magical! And oh so “Disney” of us! Kayleigh demanded to know why the GPS was taking us through the Disney properties, she sensed something was weird but didn’t press the issue. 

Once we parked at the hotel I distributed the magic bands and the lights turned on! Ella exclaimed, “Yay! We are at Disney World. You never brought me here before!” Yes hunny, you were here in September, remember (various trip high lights mentioned) “oh, I remember!” 

Clara was just thrilled to get out of that effing car seat! If she could say that she would. I’m sure of it. She loved squealing and walking around after being strapped in her seat all day. 

This is a low key 2 day/3 night gig. Not our usual 7 day marathon. Don’t worry, we will be back in December for that! 

Night one: 

We (they) swam. It’s not overly warm at night, in March. It’s always fun for the kids to eat at a cafeteria-type environment. It reminds me of my nursing days and eating lunch in the hospital. All three girls were passed out by 10pm and we took to the computer to check out a few menus for our day at Disney Springs. 

Why is it that little ones sleep across the bed? A great mystery in my life. 

Day Two: Disney Springs 

We spent the first half of our second day at Disney Springs. We got there right at opening. We grabbed some coffee and wandered through the giant Disney store. Kayleigh settled on a stuffed Lady (from Lady and the tramp) and Ella picked out a Simba stuffed animal. 

Next was lunch. There’s some great places to eat in Disney Springs, but like any tourist environment it’s not cheap. 

We picked Art Smith’s, Homecoming. Everything was fabulous. The girls had hearty kids meals and Kris and I split some apps. My favorite part of the meal was my watermelon moonshine cocktail. So yummy!

Kris had the seasonal beer. Also a winner.

There’s a new Coca Cola rooftop bar where we sipped some old school glass bottle Cokes. Clara wouldn’t sit still and walked around the rooftop bar admiring the view with oohs and aahs. 

Oh. Small detail. We almost got stuck in the elevator going up to the rooftop. The elevator indicated we were going up, but we could tell we weren’t moving. After a few minutes in this sweaty hot elevator there was a loud bang! No joke! Well, the doors opened up and we were still on the ground floor. We bailed for the other elevator and warned of our experience. Kayleigh would not ride in an elevator the rest of the day. 

If you are wondering whether or not we stopped at the Lego store, I’ll spare you the suspense. Yes we did! Ella is starting to get in to Legos these days and she shad fun tinkering with the store samples. 

Who doesn’t love a good rocking chair? 

After Disney Springs we came back to the pool for the afternoon and the kids swam for hours. 

Tomorrow we are headed to Magic Kingdom!