Ella’s best buddy lives just a few doors down. As neighbors they see each other just about every day. 

I love living somewhere that has a constant flow of kids in and out of the house, outside playing, and general shenanigans. Kids are always outside. It’s wonderful! 

This also means that we keep the garage fridge stocked with juice boxes, snacks and popsicles. 

Spring is here and the days are longer. The kids sure do love that extra hour of being outside. As summer arrives we will spend our nights amongst neighbors, with drinks, while the kids run up and down the sidewalk, riding anything with wheels and playing basketball.  I cherish these days. 

Ella is bad ass and so fierce. A total train wreck most days. I’m thankful she has a friend who can balance her out. A true yin and yang partnership. 

Today they had carrots straight out of the garden for a snack while they waited for their turn on the trampoline. Nice photo bomb, Clara! 

Enjoying their custard at dinner. 

Getting wild with hot chocolate. It was 75 degrees out. Whatevs. 

This one is just cute. 

I will never forget the time they made their own Christmas cookies. They gathered the sugar, flour and eggs and refused any help from me. I’m all about promoting independence but I convinced them to let me set out all the incredients in the proper measurements. I mean, neither of them can read a recipe, but dammit they were going to try! All was well until they put the eggs into the cookie batter. The whole eggs right into the mixer. I knew exactly what happened when I heard the crunch. Nevertheless, they persisted! 

Snow days! 

Life sure is better with friends!