Little Clara started preschool today. At 14 months old she can walk, talk, feed herself anything you put in front of her, and make it through the morning without needing a nap or to nurse (almost). It’s time and we are both ready for this next step in our journey.

At the front door with her book bag. We took out the lunch box and pack of wipes so she could stand up. 

I love that all three have used the same bookbag for preschool. Check out the tag. Ella graduated to the new butterfly bag to let Clara use this one.

A group shot with her sisters. If one is looking At the camera I call it a win! 

Finally, we make it to school! AND Only a minute late. Full disclosure, I’ve been taking Clara with me in the mornings when we drop Ella off. Partly to get her used to the environment but also to practice our timing in the morning. I hate to be late, it stresses me out, but with three kids it seems we are late more often than on time despite my practice drills.

Big sister, Ella, was clutch with her bag carrying technique. Such a clever little thing. 

Their classrooms are only separated by a big glass window. It’s nice to know they can peek across the room and see one another. Although, I suspect Clara will enjoy her bit of independence. 

Well, she almost made it until pick up but after lunch grew sleepy. As one does. So she found herself a pillow, laid down, and went to sleep fifteen minutes before I arrived to pick her up.

A bittersweet step for me as our family evolves.