Our three year old is at the dreaded crossroads of nap vs no nap. 

She still very much needs the nap. When we can convince her of it she will sleep soundly in her bed for theee hours. These glorious days are numbered.

Lately, she refuses to nap and there are one of two outcomes. 

First, she crashes hard for a power nap in the late afternoon. That’s what happened yesterday. She fell asleep on the trampoline! She will then be grumpy until bed time. 

The second is outcome is what happened tonight. She made it until almost 7pm before falling asleep in her swim suit on the couch and the iPad on her face. Classic three year old!

The problem with outcome number two is that it results in a very early morning. Anywhere between 4:30-6am she will come rumbling in our room 100 miles per hour demanding a cup of milk and a tv show. Total threenager!