I’m coming up on the 6 month mark since I started with Automattic as a Happiness Engineer. As I’ve settled into my new role and home office I thought I’d share a bit about how my typical Tuesday looks. This post is part of a series and you can read similar posts from my coworkers by following the #a8cday tag on Twitter or on WordPress.com.

With three kids our mornings are chaos.

Typically we are woken to the sound of our three year old scrambling out of her room and slamming her bedroom door behind her. She then yells for us from the hallway. I have a sleeping 14 month old snuggled up against me attached to my chest. Yelling will wake the baby! If the sun is out it’s ok to get up and out of bed, otherwise we snuggle in bed a bit longer.

This is when I take a quick scroll through P2s and Slack and get up to speed. I also check Twitter to make sure the world didn’t end while I was asleep. Timehop is my daily reminder of how fast my kids are growing. The days can be long but the years are flying by! Having a flexible schedule and working remotely has changed my life! This whole process starts anytime between 6-8am. Since the world did not end we move downstairs and start the coffee.


At 8:30am we walk our oldest daughter to her bus stop and she’s off to enjoy another day of 4th grade. She’s self sufficient in the mornings and can get herself ready, fix her breakfast and pack her own lunch.

I examine the three year olds hair, trying to remember the last time it was brushed. Depending on my mood it may or may not happen. Brushing her hair is nothing short of a wrestling match. Forget it, she’s going to Grandma’s today, she will happily comply with Grandma – Win!

With the oldest off to school, the little two are headed to Grandma’s for the day.

Recently we’ve been stopping at a coffee shop on the way back home to enjoy some out of the house work. It’s only for an hour or so but the change of scene is nice. My husband also works from home as a Happiness Engineer with Automattic. Today we accidentally wore the same WordPress hoodie. Oops!

Last Tuesday and today. Two different coffee shops.

img_8031 img_8114

Yes, there is ample coffee in my life. I drink 3-4 cups in the morning and then one more in the afternoon.


My office is on the third floor of our home. I have to hustle up stairs and get ready for my weekly team chat. Huckle and Beau are typically chilling on the couch or on top of my desk when I get up there.


Our weekly team call is at 11am (my time). I work with 5 other Happiness Engineers on my team. Our core work is public support and we work with the volunteers in the WordPress.com support forums. We each live in a different time zone, spread across 3 different countries. My team is also 50% female! We spend about one hour face to face catching up and planning. The majority of our day to day conversations happens via text in Slack or via our team P2. Notice, I did not mention email.


By 4pm I am wrapping up any loose ends from the day and say my good byes as I keep an eye on Twitter for the bus departure. I try my best to be done working once the kids are home in the afternoon and generally don’t check back in until the next morning.