Back in January a coworker of mine at Automattic mentioned this Valentine program with the purpose to spread love all over the world through handmade valentines cards. Fun, right?! 

The past few months (since the election) have been stressful. As soon as I read about the exchange I signed up, knowing it would serve as a great distraction!

After some debate about what medium to use and style of card to make I settled on using water colors. We cut the cards in to 4×4 squares (sorta). 

The first night was a lot of experimenting, as art should be I think. Plus, I haven’t painted in a long time. Too long, in fact. I needed to shake out some rust.

On the second night I had designs that I liked but tossed most in the recycling can. 

I finished painting on night three. I created ten unique valentines for complete strangers. It felt great! 

They looked something like this:

It turns out that my ten and three year old share my love of water colors. They’ve been painting almost every day. My oldest made her own painted valentines for her teachers,swim coaches, and friends. My three year old made valentines for her teachers and has not stopped since! She’s still hard at work making “balentine” cards. 

I will definitely sign up again next year to help spread love out in to the world. 

Take a look at these beautiful cards!