We celebrated our little one’s first birthday today in downtown Raleigh. 

Celebrations started at Pullen Park.

She is pretty good at standing but doesn’t seem too interested in walking. Fine by me! 

She loves the swings! Her legs are so long.

Survived the see-saw. This is one of the only parks that still has this piece of equipment. 

Enjoying the slides-wheeeee! 

After the Park we had lunch at David’s Dumplings and Noodle Bar. A fav spot of ours. 

That little bow stayed put through lunch. A birthday miracle! She put away a healthy amount of edamame and lo mein noodles. The girl can eat. 

We didn’t get that classic, messy cake face picture. She enjoyed it non the less and even took a bite of the candle! 

Her three year old sister was sure to remind her that, “your birthday is over after you eat the cake!”